TREUBLUESOUL workshops and coaching was started to share the powerful tools that helped me take the break I needed and wanted so badly. 

I drank wine to let go, chill out and get out of my head. In return- it interrupted my sleep- tiring me mentally and physically.  Unable to break the routine, feelings of shame crept in - but- my resilience was like a badge of honor. I was driven to be successful and achieve all that I choose to pursue including my wine habit.

So why did I stop?  While I never hit a rock bottom.... I was EMPTY.  Physically, mentally emotionally spiritually EMPTY and I longed for a different way of living -  I was searching……..for……..


I will work with anyone who wants to experience life free from alcohol - temporarily or permanently.


  • Are you locked into a daily drinking routine that begins as just one and ends up being more

  • Not sure about how to begin and for how long to take a break?

  • Does drinking define where you vacation, eat dinner and socialize?

  • Could you imagine being able to take it or leave it and living the best version of YOU?

  • Do your emotions get out of control when you drink or does the idea of not drinking make you feel anxious?

  • How about the hangovers, lost time & embarrassing actions or comments?

  • Would you prefer more confidence, money, energy and radiant eyes and skin?

  • Are you curious how you would feel taking a break but worried you might fail on your own or not fit in?

If you wonder what life would be like without alcohol temporarily or permanently and you are inspired by these words. Contact me and we will get started!


My group workshops will connect you to like minded people - to learn, grow and find new habits. We unpack a variety of tools in 2-3 day Intensives or longer 30 day to 5 week options. Learn More.


Perhaps you want more one to one face time support. I offer a few different personal session options for us to work together.  Learn more.

Either way- I welcome you to sign up for a free 30 minute alignment call to find out more or contact me below with your questions.

Living an alcohol free lifestyle is AMAZING! I am healthier than ever, inspired to create, be active and enjoy all aspects of my life. I am rediscovering all that I was, accepting all that I am and discovering all that I want to be!.


Don't hesitate to contact me any questions or Sign up for a free 30 minute alignment call. 


” I have been doing yoga and self-inquiry exercises for years and I can truly say that the Pamela's five week series that supported my break from Alcohol was the most eye-opening, thought-provoking and life-changing workshop I have ever participated in. Pamela was a passionate and knowledgeable facilitator, and the fearlessness and vulnerability she displayed in sharing her own story gave me the courage to be honest with myself about my own struggles. If you want to learn tools to get out of your rut of habitual drinking (and habitual thinking!) follow her lead. “

Jennifer, Copley Ohio

" I have been a slave to my wine for a better part of 25 years. I tried giving it up several times for thirty days but always just looked forward to being able to drink again. I believe everything happens for a reason. I was sick of feeling like crap and I was turning 50 this year. I came back to Yoga and "BAM" I see your workshop!! - So the star's aligned and now I have changed my life, Thank You Pamela. " Lori, Copley Ohio

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